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Tkd & Self Defense
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Taekwondo Training

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프린스 태권도 아카데미 Prince Taekwondo Academy is affiliated with PTF Pakistan Taekwondo Federation, Sindh Taekwondo Association STA, Taekwondo Karachi TK. The young talented students of club won a lot of competitions on local and national level and shown the results of intensive training of Master Suqrat Farooqi, & Sir Taha Farooqi & Sir Saad Farooqi. Prince Taekwondo Club. The senior Black Belts visits frequently to give tips & techniques to students, which help them to improve their game. Prince Taekwondo Academy won a lot of medals in Local and National Taekwondo Championships.

Best Taekwondo training center in Karachi Prince Taekwondo Academy  promoting the martial arts in Karachi from grass root level to create champions for healthy competitions and developing a peace community, in collaboration with internationally certified Taekwondo instructors.  Separate Girls Classes for Taekwondo, Self-Defense, Aerobics Fitness Yoga for healthy life & to lose weight on alternate days.
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IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID-19 virus threat, Prince Tae Kwon Do Academy began holding classes online

with Zoom Software. During the Conoravirus crisis we are committed to keeping our students active, happy and engaged.

karate classes taekwondo training kids adults girls self defenseTestimonials

"My 3 Kids professionally trained at Prince Taekwondo Academy by devoted instructors, they are now Black belts, I am thankful to PTA teachers."
M. Saifullah

"I visited Prince Taekwondo Academy and saw professional training by devoted instructors, I appreciate such a healthful activity in community ."
Rehan Hashmi, MNA

Taekwondo Oath
I shall observe tenets of TKD.
I shall respect the instructor & seniors.
I shall never misuse TKD.
I shall be a champion of freedom & justice.
I shall build a more peaceful world.

Courtesy Integrity
Perseverance  Self-control
Indomitable spirit Love
Community Service


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1st korean consulate sindh taekwondo cupNunchaku Fight

Only Club in Karachi providing training in Nunchaku Fight under supervision of Sindh Nunchaku Association, affiliated  Pakistan Nunchaku Federation

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1st korean consulate sindh taekwondo cup

Onlince Live Sword Training, Wushu Broadsword training, Katana Sword, barehand self defense, taulo sword kata, prince martial arts master suqrat farooqi, sunday classes
Online Taekwondo Training, Best martial arts training in karachi, Nunchaku, Sword, Lathi, Bostaff, Karate SuDo, BushiBan, WTF Taekwondo, Martial Arts, Wushu kungfu, Master Suqrat Farooqi Multiple martial arts under one roof. Nunchaku fight training first time in pakistan, Separate Girls Classes

1st korean consulate sindh taekwondo cupWhat is Su-Do

Su-Do is a Combat Art Full Contact Karate, which developed independently by Grand Master 10 DAN Dr. Sabir Suleyman, 7 Times World Champion and President World Su-Do Federation, Head Quarter in Germany.


Taekwondo Sparring Tips

What is Taekwondo Poomsae?

Taekwondo Poomsae Rules 2014

Meaning of Belt Colors

Taekwondo Terms

Taekwondo, SuDo Karate, Self Defense, Sword Training, Nunchaku Fighting, Martial Arts

TV Coverage Prince Taekwondo Academy

Women Empowerment Self Defense Workshop conducted by Master Suqrat Farooqi

Prince Taekwondo Breaking Contest